See The 2022 Oregon Tax Incentives for Solar

Commercial Solar in Oregon

Companies are turning to solar to lower their electric bills, power amentities independently, show community investment and get an ROI from month #1.

Solar Is A Positive ROI Investment for Any Organization

Power Your Facility. Ecological Impact. Community Investment.

We are experts in large solar installations requiring optimal grid layouts and selected equipment. 

We’ll help you tap into enticing tax breaks and other incentives. 

Whether you’re looking to power a large complex of buildings  or reduce the electrical bill of your storefront, solar not only reduces your carbon footprint and promotes sustainable practices, but it is also a sound financial investment.

Contact us today for a free site assessment and see how solar can help your organization save money while reducing your environmental impact.

commercial solar installed on roof by ocean

Commercial Mounting Options

commercial storage panels in Oregon

Nearly every type of roof is compatible for solar.

Asphault composite shingles, metal, cedar shake, and even concrete roofs are all compatible with our racking.

ground mounted commercial solar panel

Need a system larger than your roof can provide? Is your roof shaded but you have a large, open space nearby? A ground mounted system could be right for you.


Solar energy can blend beautifully within your current facility surroundings and add extra value to your customers.

Buying Options

Our priority is your satisfaction. 

Your buying options should fit your needs.

We work with federal and local organizations to offer incentives and assistance to make going solar within reach for everyone.

We partner with local banks and credit unions to find the best financing for you.


We work with local Oregon institutes to finance for as little as $0 down over 5 to 25 years, or include solar in your home mortgage.

Full Purchase

If you aren’t financing, we accept cash, personal check, cashier’s check, or debit card.

Frequently Asked Questions For Business Owners

When considering solar for your business, factors we keep in mind include electrical demand, the physical layout of the property such as the roof, pitch, and orientation, and future plans for your property as well. We'll give you an honest evaluation on the impact of solar.

We work with multi-home developers in Oregon and partner with Net Zero home builders. From early stages of the working design to working with your electrical contractors during the construction phases, we can complete the installation before the home is ready for market, and work with your realtors on determining added home value. We offer on-site support and we can help with all aspects of verification and permitting.

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