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Brand New To Solar Energy?

Here are the basics to how solar energy works for you.

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource in the world with the most technological advances of any alternative energy source. It can be captured and used in several ways, and as a renewable energy source, plays a key role in our collective efforts for sustainability practices.

Solar electricity is also known as Photovoltaics or “PV” for short. Energy produced by a PV system (solar array panels) creates a flow of electrons to an inverter, which converts the direct current (DC) energy into an alternating current (AC) that can be used to power appliances in your household or into charging stations for many different reasons. 

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Sunlight hits your solar panels

One of the most important parts of making solar energy a smart decision for you is choosing the right equipment depending on several factors. We offer a complimentary in-person or by phone consultation that help you assess how much solar will save you long term. 

Convert the sun's energy in usable electricity

Your home primarily runs off of AC electricity, or alternating current. Our experts install an inverter to convert the DC electricity from the panels to the AC electricity for your home.  

Again, determining the right equipment to invest in is crucial. Solar systems build with the highest quality and warranty coverages see better returns on investments.

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Controlling your solar energy

Your home has a panel filled with circuit breakers that control the amount of electricity going to different areas of your home. Your solar energy system’s inverter will have it’s own control panel so that you have more control over your solar energy use.

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Selling your excess solar back to the energy company

One of the most exciting aspects of solar energy systems is your properties prospect of converting excess solar energy into credits with your local power company. This is called Net Metering. Customers that choose to use solar or other types of approved alternative energy save an average of $1490 per household.

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Energy independence with battery storage

If your household or business is looking for additional means to become energy independent, batteries can be paired with solar systems so you can store the electricity you produce. 

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Long term solar maintenance

Fortunately, solar equipment is considerably affordable to maintain over a long period of time. (30+ years) Although the technology that runs the system is advanced, there are relatively no moving parts and it’s common that systems last their owners 25+ years with no issues. 

It’s smart to occasionally clean your panels, inspect your inverter, and assess that no trees grew in light’s path or pests invaded your equipment. 

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